Parc du Cap | Building 3 - GF04 | Mispel Road | Bellville 7535
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Address: Parc du Cap | Building 3 - GF04 | Mispel Road | Bellville 7535


Van Doorn South Africa Pty Ltd.
Parc du Cap
Building 3 - GF04
Mispel Road
Bellville 7535
+27 21 914 8618

About Us

Established in 1998, Van Doorn South Africa is a well-respected South African supplier into international markets.
A strict focus on quality underpins Van Doorn’s mission and as such, only selected growers and grower brands are represented.

Van Doorn proudly subscribes to the following business principles:

Dedicated market management through a geographical approach
Selective supply base, underpinning market requirements
Dedicated grower brand management to maximize value
Quality focus and management aimed at supporting the brand in the market place
A 12-month-of-the-year market presence by supplying a basket of products
Cost focus aimed at improving profitability for both grower and customer
Specialised export services.

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