In order to guarantee the quality of the fresh produce we deliver, we have developed long-standing relationships with specially selected suppliers and service providers, all of which are registered with the Perishable Product Export Control Board (PPECB).

All produce is monitored according to strict quality standards by our experienced in-house and sub contracted QC inspectors.

Our extensive knowledge on quality standards are applied to ensure that all produce meets and exceeds the differing international market expectations.

Cold Chain management is priority, therefore temperature recorders are fitted at loading to continuously monitor the temperature of the container throughout the voyage.


Each Van Doorn supplier farm is GLOBAL G.A.P (Good Agricultural Practice) accredited and accreditations are renewed annually.  GLOBAL G.A.P accredited products have been farmed in a manner that minimized environmental impact and maintains a responsible approach to worker health and safety.  For more info please visit

To request Accredited Certificates please apply via our enquiry form.